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Donna M. Bruschi


3120 28th Avenue #2, Astoria, NY 11102    917-579-0858    donna.m.bruschi@gmail.com 



       Consumer Products | Media | International Sales & Marketing | Creative Development


Accomplished professional with success in various industries where licensing, marketing strategy and business development intersects. Significant experience developing, leading, and executing the IP strategy, sales and marketing processes. Recognized for managing multiple projects, creative problem solving, and influencing clients and senior leadership. Demonstrated ability to lead and motivate direct reports and cross-functional teams.  Managed licensing/ brand budgets up to +$100 million U.S.


Related Expertise:

Licensing | Brand Strategy | Business Development | Retail Marketing & Merchandising  

Financial Analysis & Forecasting | Promotions |Integrated Marketing |Project Management

Vendor Management | Creative Direction | Product Development | Coaching/Mentoring


Related Skills:

Languages | Fluency reading, writing and speaking Spanish; proficient French & beginner Arabic.

Technology | Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint; Adobe Photoshop, Acrobat, Liferay, CMS





Principal | donna.m.bruschi consulting,  New York, NY  (09/08 – present)

Provide international executive consulting services, including strategic marketing and business development, global licensing, new IP development, brand management and complete overhauls for existing brands, focusing on synergy in consumer products, entertainment, new media and new technology.


·         Developed branding, marketing and PR programs for internationally award-winning digital and ‘real world’ social media tool across physical products, packaging, website, marketing & retail collateral, external vendors and in-house e-commerce helping grow reseller network by 150%, securing a spot at The Economist Media Convergence Forum and Swiss ICT Awards. Poken AG, (Lausanne, Switzerland)

·         Developed comprehensive strategic licensing plans for 9 marquee brands globally including Glade/Brise, Mr. Muscle, Ziploc, Pledge/Pronto, Raid!/Autan among others, with particular emphasis on  India, China and Argentina. SC Johnson & Son as contractor for IMC Licensing  (Louisville, KY, and Racine, WI)

·          Established cross-platform marketing, PR and business development plan for revolutionary digital novel and transmedia learning resource Inanimate Alice, tripling online fan base and securing coverage in Publisher’s Weekly.  BradField Productions (Vancouver, Canada)

·         Developed strategic plan to seamlessly incorporate licensing division into award winning interactive digital advertising agency’s business model, focusing on content and consumer products for prospective and existing clients such as  Munster Rugby, GAA Sports and Diageo.  eightytwenty/interactive (Dublin, Ireland)


Director, International Licensing & Merchandising | New Line Cinema, New York, NY  (11/07 – 09/08)

Directed global merchandising efforts for several films for major American film studio. Negotiated international agency contracts, licensing deals and promotions. Performed financial analysis including forecasting, royalty reporting, and budgeting while preparing portfolio for smooth transition during company absorption into parent corporation Warner Bros.


·         Oversaw worldwide merchandising and brand extension of over 60 global licensees  in toys, publishing, hardlines, soft goods and alternative media.

·          Aided in revamp of ancillary creative guides for studio’s first animated full-length feature, Planet 51, as well as Journey to the Center of the Earth 3-D and Sex and the City for style guides and DTR programs.

·         Directed brand extension of Lord of the Rings product to create stand-alone brand power prior to release of related film The Hobbit. Revised product look and assortment, directed creation of unique logo and oversaw packaging redesign.


Director, International Licensing | American Greetings Properties, New York  (11/06- 10/07 short tenure due to sale of IP)

Recruited to be department head for start-up IP division of  $2B social expressions company. Served as decision maker for product strategy, design and rollout internationally for brands such as Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake and Holly Hobbie. Managed P&L of more than US $1Billion (retail) across global portfolios. Oversaw 3 direct and 14 dotted-line reports. Took on responsibility of leading 15 others while the SVP was on maternity leave.


  • Managed transition of Care Bears brand from external agency to in-house management in less than 3 months.
  • Grew revenue for Care Bear brands by 30% (across all categories) despite transition of  licensing rights and corresponding revenue for key driver category to third party company.
  • Launched Care Bears in Japan (via mobile content and applications, traveling art/history exhibits and toys); resulted in ranking as No. 12 most popular trend in one country in one year, according to NHK survey.


Licensing Manager, Toys & Hardlines | Nickelodeon & Viacom, New York, NY  (09/05 – 11/06)

Managed 50+ partners for U.S. and Canadian toys, crafts and cards for the world’s No. 2 intellectual property licensor, specifically for Nickelodeon, Noggin and Comedy Central. Responsible for market analysis, pitches, deal negotiation, retail programs and product development for brands such as SpongeBob Squarepants, Dora the Explorer, The Backyardigans, Go Diego, Go!, The Last Airbender and South Park. P&L responsibility of over $100 million US. Managed one direct report. 

·         Grew portfolio from 1 toy category (children ages 6-11) with 15 accounts to 5 categories with 59 clients across all demographics.

·         Directed packaging design and layout, product assortment, design and marketing for consumer products launch of $1 billion (retail) boys’ brand, achieving collectability, press and influential customer base.  Oversaw procurement, manufacturing and product management across categories.

·         Found whitespace in oversaturated market and created niche products that generated national press coverage including The Wall Street Journal, ABC’s Good Morning America, The New York Times and MSNBC., helping SpongeBob SquarePants toys to jump 16 points according to NPD within  the year.


 International Licensing Manager, Developing Markets | Sesame Workshop, New York, NY  (01/04 –0 7/05)

Managed branded products, educational materials and marketing programs for local productions of Sesame Street in Egypt, India, Russia, Israel/Jordan/Palestine, South Africa, China, Bosnia and other developing nations. Responsible for training agents, negotiating contracts, budgeting and securing buy-in from intracompany decision makers, NGOs, local broadcasters and sponsors.


·         Launched and led emerging market business, growing revenue from $0 to $2.5M in less than 18 months.

·         Developed hybrid licensing/outreach campaign for Takalani Sesame in South Africa with I&J Foods. Exceeded initial sales projections of 900,000 units to over 2.5 million during initial term.

·         Launched publishing program with USAID for Alam Simsim in Egypt, starting with 7 titles of storybooks and activity books.


Director, International Licensing | The Jim Henson Company, New York, NY  (01/01 – 01/04)

Headed up international licensing efforts for brands The Muppets, Kermit the Frog, and Bear in the Big Blue House among others.  

·         Increased departmental revenue by 30%, despite layoff of more than half of staff and two company sales.

·         Helped overhaul Muppet Babies and Fraggle Rock for relaunch in Mexico and United Kingdom/Ireland (UKI), respectively; efforts allowed U.S. firms to study results and fine-tune own consumer programs before launching. 


Manager, Research | Bishop Partners, New York, NY  (04/98 – 04/00)

Provided market analysis on media and technology companies, executives and trends for boutique executive search firm.


Counselor and General Volunteer | GMHC, New York, NY  (1989- 1993)

Aided in fund-raising, logistics and clerical tasks for trailblazing organization providing HIV and AIDS education, prevention and assistance to those living with the disease. Assisted in logistics for AIDS WALK NEW YORK, provided personal counseling and information regarding HIV and AIDS over the phone, aided in community directed educational programs and general office duties.


Set Designer, Drama Assistant | I.S. 10, Astoria, NY  (2006-2010)

Aided Middle School Drama Department by painting sets, constructing props, building costumes, selling tickets, securing community involvement and handling talent and volunteers for several productions involving children 11- 14 years of age. 




Education| Rutgers University: Biology & Anthropology (New Brunswick, NJ, 1996) |

Colegio Miguel de Unamuno: Spanish Language Fluency (Salamanca, Spain, 1997)


Professional Affiliations | Member, International Licensing Industry’s Merchandising Association (LIMA), 2001 – Present, Member, Marketing Institute of Ireland (MII), | 2008- 2010 Member, Women In Toys (WIT), 2006- Present 


Personal Affiliations | Member, Women for Women International (2009-present) | Sponsor, Camfed International (2009- Present) | Member, National Italian American Foundation (2008 – present)


Interests: Travel, Cultural Anthropology, Writing, Volunteering, Languages, Sci-Fi Sports, Drawing & Design, Pop Culture, Pro-social initiatives

EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT: VP, Sr. Director: Licensing, Intellectual Property Management

Global Brand, Business Development, Marketing, Sales

A seasoned IP management executive excelling in licensing, product development and business expansion for consumer, media and new media brands.  Extensive pan category experience including product development, negotiation and creative direction as part of 360 degree vision for properties and products. Passionate and knowledgeable across a wide breadth of consumers and marketplaces with a deep and significant global contact base.


Consultant, New York, Global Assignments · Sep. 2008- Present

Intellectual Property, Branding, Product Development assignements for companies across the globe.

International Consumer Products, Licensing and Business Development:

Executive consulting services include developing strategic marketing and business development plans, new IP development and complete overhauls for existing brands, as well as design and execution of needle-moving marketing campaigns.  Focus and specialty in toys, hard-lines and new technology/ platform-based consumer products.  Client base includes global, regional and local entities in a variety of industries and sectors including SC Johnson & Son ($8 Billion dollar Consumer Packaged Goods conglomerate), a cutting-edge social media start-up, non-profit sector clients, etc.

·Identify opportunities, negotiate win-win strategic and creative partnerships, evaluate and mentor personnel and drive campaigns from ideation to execution (B2B, B2C, online and retail).

·Use branding and marketing expertise to find new trends, channels (traditional, online and innovative pathways) and product platforms; craft partnerships for incremental gain or major expansion of business models, use diverse media and branding techniques to reinforce and localize branding, gain market share and drive revenue.

POKEN, AG, Lausanne, CH · Aug. 2009- Dec. 2009

Strategic Planning, Branding, Marketing, PR and Communications for internet/ new technology consumer products start-up.

Consultant;  Brand, Marketing & Communications:

Developing strategic marketing, branding and business development plans, as well as designing and executing multi-channel retail and marketing campaigns.  Web 2.0 site design and functionality development, marketing and execution of cross-functional mandates including partnerships with Telcos, music conglomerates, global retailers, web communities and media giants (TV; film, content), etc.

·Developed new lines of product, including packaging and product rebranding, new product formats and existing line refreshes, as well as product development/ ideation for upcoming technologies and new platforms.

·Developed and designed creative partnerships with content and brand owners to enrich user experience, direct retail and brand overhaul to evoke value proposition of product and provide much needed veteran guidance to processes, budgets, cross-functional operations and real-time delivery.

New Line Cinema, New York, New York · Oct. 2007- Sep. 2008

Major American movie studio known for producing such projects as Lord of the Rings and Austin Powers.

Director, International Licensing & Merchandising:

Directed global merchandising efforts for the film division of a multi-media studio, including toys, publishing, harlines, soft goods and alternative media products for genres encompassing fantasy, romance, and horror as well as the studio’s first animated feature. Managed relationships with agents, manufacturers, and promotional partners worldwide.

·Responsible for brand extension of Lord of the Rings, to create stand-alone power prior to release of related film property The Hobbit; ensuring susainability of this classic property to exist alongside  the new iteration on-shelf by revising product look and assortment, directing creation of unique logo and packaging re-design.

DONNA M. BRUSCHI· Page 2 · donna.m.bruschi@gmail.com

AMERICAN GREETINGS PROPERTIES,New York, New York · Nov. 2006- Oct. 2007

Global social expressions leader with $2B in annual sales.

Head, International Licensing Division:

Helmed an international division of consumer products, broadcast, online and telecom products with direct P&L responsibility over $1 Billion US.  Decision maker for product strategy, design and roll out across the globe for brand such as Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake and Holly Hobbie..

·Headed global sales, marketing and business development for brand portfolios, localizing plans and driving sales.  Raised turnover by 30%, despite the absence of key driver category revenue (toys).

·Launched Care Bears in Japan for the first time using cell phone content and applications, traveling art and history exhibit and strategic toy products to become #12 trend (based on NHK survey of all categories- products,  food, brands, people, songs, shows, movies, fads, etc.) in country within one year.

ADDITIONAL POSITIONS (Full details upon request)

Nickelodeon & Viacom CP, New York, New York ­· Sep. 2005- Nov. 2006

Manager, Toys and Activities:Drove deals with 50+ partners for the U.S. and Canadian hard goods department (core toys, seasonal toys, novelty toys, crafts, and cards) of the #2 intellectual property licensor in the world, with budgetary responsibility in the hundreds of millions of dollars (US). Portfolio included SpongeBob SquarePants, Dora the Explorer, Go, Diego, Go!, Backyardigans, The Last Airbender, Zoey 101, South Park, amonst others.

·Created new style and branding standards, directing packaging design and layout, product assortment, design and marketing of billion dollar boys’ brand, achieving collectability and influential customer base for launch.

·Expanded position parameters from one category with 15 clients to five categories with 59 clients in less than one year, increasing revenue and efficiency in Hard Goods group.

Sesame Workshop,New York, New York · Jan. 2004- July 2005

Emerging Markets International Licensing Manager:Built emerging market businesses from the ground up ($0 to $2.5 Million in less than 18 months), performing comprehensive management of branded product, educational materials and marketing programs for local productions of Sesame Street in developing nations (Egypt, India, Russia, Bangladesh, South Africa, China, Bosnia, etc.).

·Drove strategy, content and layout of educational materials and licensed consumer goods to maximize brand exposure and extend reach from television and radio to online experiences and tangible goods.

·Trained remote organizations on the power of licensing, how to maximize brand equity through design, marketing, and consumer products, driving revenue and awareness for non-for profit educational institution.

The Jim Henson Company, New York, New York · Jan. 2001- Jan. 2004

Director, International Licensing: Contracted with agents and manufacturers for numerous properties, including for The Muppets, Kermit, Fraggle Rock, the Muppet Babies, and Bear in the Big Blue House.  Advanced from a temporary assistant with no IP management experience to being appointed department head within 6 months under minimal supervision from the global Executive Vice President.

·Escalated department revenues by 30%, despite a staff reduction of more than 60%.

·Aided in brand overhaul of Muppet Babies and Fraggle Rock for relaunch of the former in Mexico and the latter in UKI, giving US consumer products a base from which to generate their programs, strategically and aesthetically.

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  • 1. Donna M Bruschi  |  2010/04/24 at 05:57

    Currently looking for permanent position in Global or International Licensing or Brand Management- Open to relocation.


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